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Kyle O'BrienCoaching with Peter has been a truly powerful and life changing experience. He has empowered me to be more honest with myself through his gentle and yet very direct approach. When I am seeking clarity, Peter asks me just the right questions to expand my awareness and guides me to my own answers. He always brings a refreshing balance of safe and inviting presence with incredible insight and honesty that has catalyzed my process in ways I didn’t know were possible. Peter is masterful practitioner of transformation and I highly recommend him as a trusted coach, guide, and ally in life.

-Kyle O’Brien

Transformation Coach and Youth Mentor

AshleyPeter has a gift I have never seen before in any other mental health or self-improvement oriented professional: he gives the most insightful feedback in such a nonjudgmental, compassionate way that makes it not just palatable for even the most self-conscious and self-judging individuals, but easy and rewarding to put his feedback into practice. In the span of several months, I have learned more from him about self-compassion, healthy boundaries, and living authentically than I have from studying psychology for nine years and seeing therapists for five. It is extremely rare to see this mix of raw talent, genuine interest, and expert training in helping others live their happiest lives. I have seen him work with an impressive range of people from various walks of life, struggling with varying degrees and kinds of obstacles, and he has accomplished the same jaw-dropping changes in everyone’s life he touches, even in those who seem initially reluctant to change, or those who think change impossible. Peter is nothing short of a miracle-worker, and I feel so fortunate to have found him.

-Ashley Kirsner

Mental Health Professional and Researcher/ Co-Founder of CommuniT Boston

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