On Challenge

What if you could change your relationship with challenge and discomfort from what it is now to something different?  I promise you that it’s possible, though whether you can or do…well, that’s up to you.

Me? Well, I’ve had different relationships with challenge and discomfort, both ones I’m proud of, and others I’m always comfortable not sharing.  there was a time in my life when I faced huge challenge each day.  I was in school… and I hated it, every day.

No one had ever asked me if I wanted to go to school, and if anyone ever cared to ask my answer would have been a staunch “No!”. Doing things for only an hour, doing thins for a whole hour, and who’s idea was it to make kids sit all day?  Just making it to the evening took great effort, struggle and felt really hard.

I suffered a lot, I had decided to choose a life of not having to go to school.  Unfortunately that was not the reality I was living in and that choice multiplied the level of my suffering.  In a situation where I had huge opportunities to grow and learn it was majorly impeded by my stubborn decision to not experience what I was experiencing.

Over and over again I see evidence of great suffering around self talk that sounds like this;

“This isn’t happening.”

“This shouldn’t be happening.”

“I”m not paying attention to this, I’ll just wait until it’s over.”

In essence it is a decision to not experience what one is, in fact already experiencing.  This form of cognitive dissonance seems only to worsen the experience.  It takes a lot of mental and physical energy to hold two conflicting versions of reality in the mind at the same time.

The willingness to face challenge and discomfort seems to be an essential part of being a happy, healthy, and content human.  Therefore some good questions to ask yourself might be:

  • What is your relationship with challenge and discomfort?
  • What kinds of challenges are you really good at facing?
  • What kinds just make you tuck tail and run?
  • Which kinds tax you?
  • What are the challenges that invigorate you?