Yes Means Yes: A Free Workshop for Leaders, Coaches and Therapists

What would change for you if you could open up to the wonders, joy, and pleasures of life that are available in this very moment?

...Maybe you struggle to be the center of attention or receive compliments.

...Maybe you learned that it's safer to not ask for things from others, but instead to do it all yourself.

...Maybe you've been taught you need to chase after and work hard to get the things you really desire.

I'm here to challenge that... and more.

As leaders, coaches, and therapists, it is extra important that we learn how to receive help and support so that we are resourced in our daily lives. With careers focused on supporting other people, being able to demonstrate a healthy relationship with receiving can create a powerful embodiment and invitation for the people we work with to do the same. It also keeps us full and able to respond to the world around us in a more consistent and responsible manner.

In this 105 minute workshop, you will get the chance to step deeper into your personal power and relax into receiving. You will get to practice having more by doing less. Through a variety of breakout groups and exercises, we will all get the chance to experience connection and transformation through relating with one another.

** NOTE: Please arrive on time to ensure you can participate.**

This is a promotional workshop brought to you by The Connection Institute. We will conclude the workshop with a brief introduction to our training platform Online Circling Training.

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Wednesday, Feb 3

2pm ET / 11am PT

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Facilitated by Avery Beck

Avery Beck is a life coach who deeply believes in transformation through self-expression and showing up authentically in relationships.

He has been practicing authentic relating for over five years. From attending NVC and communication workshops, to contact dance, to being a leader at the online circle training community, he has developed and refined these interpersonal skills and brought them into his everyday relationships.

Between improv, music, circus, Avery has always loved to share his passion for life with others both on and off the stage. Avery has been developing his skills in facilitating over the last 5 years with a variety of workshops from improv, men’s circles, goal setting, resilient play, and more. He is committed to embodying a deeply compassionate presence and creating spaces for others to step into their own power.