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Meet Peter

Peter Will Benjamin, is a professional coach, trainer and facilitator. He is also an intimacy junkie, community builder and the founder of The Connection Institute, an organization that teaches emotional and relational intelligence. Through coaching, classes, and workshops, Peter's clients learn to be more resilient, deepen their relationship with themselves, and develop their authentic communication skills. Outside of work, Peter enjoys contact improv, partner dancing and cooking delicious food.


Kyle O'Brien

Transformational Coach & Youth Mentor

Coaching with Peter has been a truly powerful and life changing experience. He has empowered me to be more honest with myself through his gentle and yet very direct approach. When I am seeking clarity, Peter asks me just the right questions to expand my awareness and guides me to my own answers. He always brings a refreshing balance of safe and inviting presence with incredible insight and honesty that has catalyzed my process in ways I didn’t know were possible. Peter is masterful practitioner of transformation and I highly recommend him as a trusted coach, guide, and ally in life.


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