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While our in-person workshops are postponed, check out our online offerings:


The Heart of What is:

Exploring the Qualities of Experience

Free Online Workshop

How often do we miss the deeper layers of our experience?

How often do we miss the deeper layers of other people?

Modern lives can move so fast that it can be easy to miss ourselves and others.

In this 90-minute event we will explore the Relational Inquiry practice of exploring the qualities of our experience. During the class, every person in attendance will have an opportunity to have their qualitative experience explored as well as the chance to step into wonder and awe in the face of other people's unique (or similar) experience of this thing we call life.


Untriggered Intro Workshop

Coming Soon

If you show up as a leader for long enough, or even just as a person in the world, you will encounter people calling you names, making claims on who or how you are that challenge your sense of safety and your idea of who you are. The floor slips out from under you, you don't know how to respond. In this introduction workshop, you will gain skills to master these moments by shifting the dynamic.


Diamond Circling Series

Online / Recurring Date Varies

Step into more fulfilling relationships in your life, starting with the great group of humans that we will gather. 


Over the course of 8 weeks, you’ll get to:

  • Dive deep into connection within an exclusive, small group

  • Experiment with powerful circling tools & concepts

  • Enhance your ability to relate in fulfilling ways

  • Revel in the experience of being skillfully held in all of who you are   


Some of the themes we’ll zoom-in on include: presence & being with, navigating desires & dissonance, exploring vulnerability & belonging - just to name a few. 


This is for you if: 

  • You’re interested in playing with the nuances of relating & connection

  • You long for the depth of intimacy that can only occur within a consistent group of peers

  • You enjoy the potency of being together in a small, tight group

  • You’re open to the abundance of closeness that can happen online 

  • You are willing & able to commit to attending a weekly 90-minute event for 8 weeks



What would life be like if you knew that you could handle life’s triggering moments? How would you show up differently as a leader if you knew you could handle whatever difficult situations came your way? How does the fear of mess get in the way of you showing up for your own life?  


Join me for UNTRIGGERED, an articulation of my life’s work.  Together we’ll explore these questions and we’ll talk about how to find the place in ourselves that knows how to stay connected and surmount the challenges other people might throw your way that would normally throw you off your center.  


In the free webinar we’ll talk about triggers in some ways you may never have heard of before and I’ll share the ways we can begin to move beyond the limits of our conditioned nervous system.


Online Inquiry Training

Online / Self-Paced

Join our expanding online community of facilitators around the globe with this comprehensive online course.


Whether you're just starting out or already leading groups, this program will help support you in building a community or business.

It includes access to on-going online Inquiry Circles with a community of facilitators, lectures, and other learning resources.

Class Schedule:

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